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Rules of Connection

These are a simplified version of Rules of Connection. By signing this document, you hereby agree that you understand that:

·       Think Hopeful does not provide medical, mental/physical therapy, nutrition, legal, or financial advice. Think Hopeful does not provide medical, psychiatric, psychological, professional or licensed services.

·       If you are suicidal or in a life-threatening situation, call 911. You may contact 988 which is a suicide and crisis lifeline.

·       Protect your anonymity: You can maintain your anonymity by using a username that does not include your real name while using our Site and Services. 

·       Do not use a photo of yourself. Use your username while using our Site, including during Groups and 1:1 Coaching to maintain anonymity.

·       Maintain Group Confidentiality: Only share information that you are comfortable within Groups and on the Social Wall. Please respect and maintain other members’ information in case they reveal it.

·       Do not engage in any inappropriate or harmful manner while using any of the features of the Site.

·       Do not write, say, or upload any inappropriate or harmful content while using any of the features of the Site.

Please note that adherence to all the rules is mandatory. Failure to comply will result in prompt action, which may result in suspension of your account. For more information please see the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy at and at


If you have any questions about Rules of Connection you can contact us at 

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